Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Statement:

As an organization founded upon the basis of being kind and alike to all, Tri Delta (Alpha Mu) is committed to continuing the promotion of diversity and inclusion within our organization. We are determined to educate ourselves and to foster an environment that allows all people to bring their true and authentic selves; regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, language, differing ability, and more. Our sisters come from all walks of life and these differences strengthen our organization. Moving forward, we will strive to boldly encourage opportunities to educate, understand, and promote healing among our sisters — keeping one another accountable to ensure our due diligence. Today, we acknowledge our past and continue to work towards bettering ourselves. We are aware of how important diversity and inclusivity are to the success of any organization. Together we can make Tri Delta an organization that enriches our campus community and contributes to a diverse global society. With our guiding principles in mind, we challenge ourselves to make our organization more reflective of our communities, our campus, and our world

Where We Are:

  • Implemented permanent DEIAB chair and committee (versus temporary) 
  • Utilizing Continuous Open Bidding as a means to improve upon inclusion to reach beyond the regular pool of Potential New Members

  • Working on and contributing to fundraising efforts for anti-racism work, often in conjunction with W&M’s black organizations
  • Forums and fireside chats on topics integral to diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Continuing implicit bias training, emphasized prior to recruitment
  • Abandonment of considering recommendation letters in recruitment, and no preference for legacies
  • Authentic representation of our members over social media
  • Temporary creation of a Diversity & Inclusion chair, with plans to morph it into the new officer structure

Where We’re Going:

  • Creating actionable guidelines for members to call out racism and bias within the chapter, and sharing with Panhellenic
  • Actively seeking collaboration with Organizations Of Color on campus
  • A promise to support and amplify minority voices, artists, educators and creators when possible
  • An effort to provide more tangible financial support for existing members, and continuously re-evaluating financial requirements for Potential New Members
  • Education on sorority life’s discriminatory/racist past, including that of our chapter

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact our Diversity and Inclusion Chair, Allie Phillips.